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Birth place Equellus
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Introduced The Lost Warrior
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Portrayed by Jay Donahue
Jason is a Cylon
Jason is a Final Five Cylon
Jason is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Jason is an Original Series Cylon
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Jason is the cousin of Vella and an acquaintance of Bootes, as well as a oviner on the planet Equellus.

Jason informs Vella that Bootes is en route to town, drunk and intent on confronting Lacerta regarding the theft (called "tribute") of his livestock. After Bootes' death, Jason comforts Vella and helps remove Bootes' body to the wagon. When Apollo subsequently destroys Red-Eye, Jason is seen picking up the Cylon's discarded laser pistol, presumably becoming the new de facto "sheriff" in town (TOS: "The Lost Warrior").