Interception of Galactican Vipers

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Interception of Galactican Vipers
Conflict: The Discovery and Defense of Earth
Date: ca. 1980 CE
Related Episode(s):
Place: U.S Aerospace, Earth
Result: Vipers escapes from the missiles
Galactican Vipers USAF Aircrafts
Cpt. Troy Cpt. McNally
2 Vipers 2 Aircrafts, missiles
Materiel Losses
none none
none none
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle near Planet Starbuck Interception of Galactican Vipers Battle for the Delphi

Captain McNally and his wingman dispatched by General Cushing to intercept Troy and Dillon's Vipers. They fires the missiles. They lose the Vipers after Galactican craft turbo away. ("Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I")