Intercept 3

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Intercept 3 is the assumed callsign of the Viper piloted by Serina.

Intercept 3 launches with her wingman, Captain Apollo in Intercept 2 to pursue Starbuck in Intercept 1.

Intercept 3 later aids Starbuck in keeping a fix back to the Fleet by keeping a fix on Galactica, while Intercept 2 keeps a fix on Intercept 3. Despite this, both Intercept 2 and 3 believe that Starbuck becomes lost to them as he exits the void (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II").


  • Serina's Viper is never given a callsign in the episode. For the purposes of this encyclopedia, we use the designation "Intercept 3", as she is the third Viper to join the Intercept patrol.