Harassment Fires to Vipers by Vipers

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Harassment Fires to Vipers by Vipers
Harassment Fires to Vipers by Vipers
Harassment Fires to Vipers by Vipers
Conflict: Internal Battles
Related Episode(s):
Place: Krillian Star System
Result: Cease Fire,
Galactica meets Pegasus
Blue Squadron Silver Spar Squadron
Cpt. Apollo Lt. Sheba
2 Vipers 2 Vipers
Materiel Losses
none none
none none
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle at Omega Sector Harassment Fires to Vipers by Vipers Interception of Cylon Tankers

Apollo and Starbuck are being pursued by unidentified objects from behind them in Krillian Star System. The objects are none other then two other Colonial Vipers flown by Lieutenant Sheba, and Lieutenant Bojay. Just as Sheba and Bojay are about to finish off Apollo and Starbuck, Sheba's scanner shows that the occupant of the Viper she is pursuing is human and orders a cease fire. In the ensuing dialogue, Apollo and Starbuck are informed that Sheba is strike leader of Silver Spar Squadron. They are re-united with Bojay, who once served with Galactica's Blue Squadron before he was transferred to the Fifth Fleet that perished at the Battle of Molecay, two yahrens before.
(TOS: "The Living Legend, Part I")