Galacticon 25th Anniversary Celebration (Region 1 DVD)

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Region 1 DVD Case
"Galacticon 25th Anniversary Celebration"
A DVD of the Original Series
Studio Nitestar Productions
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Discs 1
Running Time 240 minutes
Region 1
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Released 20 Oct 2005
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The Galacticon 25th Anniversary Celebration commemorates the Galacticon 25th Anniversary Salute to the Stars, Producers, Writers and Crew of the 1978 sci-fi series. The cast and creative team reunite to celebrate the show's 25 year anniversary. Held in Universal City, California, the program captures candid moments and rare appearances during the once in a lifetime event that connected fans with the stars who brought the hit television series to life. Featuring candid commentary and exclusive appearances by: Glen Larson, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Terry Carter, Laurette Spang, Anne Lockhart, Jack Stauffer, Noah Hathaway, Sarah Rush, Stu Phillips and Ron D. Moore.

Program Highlights

  • Four Hours of Never Before Seen "Galacticon" Highlights
  • 25th Anniversary Cast Reunion Q & A Panel Discussions
  • Bryan Singer / Tom DeSanto "Battlestar That Wasn't" Slideshow


  • English 1.0 Dolby Digital

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