Erebus's basestar

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The Cylon Baseship from the 2003 Video Game

The upgraded basestar, commanded by the Imperious Leader Erebus, appears in the Battlestar Galactica video game and is a variant of the basestar capital ship seen in the Original Series.

Erebus's basestar is similar in most respects to the standard basestar vessel, with the addition of a satellite craft called the Cradle Unit. Built into the upper spindle of Erebus's command ship, the disc-shaped Cradle Unit could detach from the mother vessel and is equipped with powerful weapons and a virtually impregnable force shield.

Erebus's basestar was the only known variant of its kind as the ship is destroyed in orbit around the gas giant planet Golem Five. The Cradle Unit flees into the planet's atmosphere with Erebus on board, only to be shot down by the young Lt. William "Husker" Adama (2003 Video Game).


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