EXCLUSIVE: A Few Words With the Queen of New Cap City

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EXCLUSIVE: A Few Words With the Queen of New Cap City is a The Caprican Entertainment article written by Carl Kipp. It was printed in Februarius 27, YR42.


The game that's all the rage with the kids these days is, of course, New Cap City. And we do mean "rage." New Cap allows players to live in a film noir world of gangsters, gun molls, sleazy politicians, drug-addicted starlets, flunkies, thugs, you name it. It's a fantastical fever dream of corruption, glamour, excess, sex and violence. And there's really only one rule: Don't Die. Because if you die, you're out of the game. Forever.

Anyone who plays New Cap City knows that the person to see if you need anything - anything at all - is Vesta. The self-appointed "queen bee" of New Cap has seen it all and done even more - she knows the ins and outs of the game's sprawling, dangerous world, the nooks and crannies, the cheats and shortcuts.

"I've seen all types in New Cap," says Vesta, communicating with The Caprican via encoded online chat. "People coming to me, wanting this or that. And questions - so many questions. But yes, I meet all types. Some people just want to get as many points as possible, build a reputation, no matter what it takes. It's that kind of ruthlessness...I admire that. And this city rewards that."

But not everyone in New Cap is a wannabe gangster. "Some players are here to do little more than just enjoy the scenery. Hear some music at the clubs, have a good meal, sleep with a beautiful stranger. Tourists. Hey, if they don't get in my way, they're free to do what they please. They just better keep their heads up - this can be a town without pity."

What are some of the more unsavory characters in New Cap? "It's the Ampheads you have to watch out for," Vesta warns. "Amp - you take it like eye drops, it increases your reflexes, your reaction time, makes you more aware. To call it 'addictive' is an understatement. You get some people in here, all they do is look to score Amp."

And what's the best way to deal with these Ampheads? "Mostly it's just obnoxious. Sometimes it's dangerous. You see an Amphead freaking the frak out, do him a favor and put a bullet in his head. Send him home to mom and dad. Better for everyone."

And what kind of services can Vesta provide? "You've got something to trade, something I might want, there's no end to how I can help you. I've got my people, and yeah, they're packing, but I'm not untouchable. You need the blueprints to a bank you're looking to take down? I might be able to get it for you. You looking to bed some broad but her sugar daddy never leaves her alone for a second? I can maybe find a way to distract him long enough for you to get a room."

And what does the Queen of New Cap City want? "Hey, who knows? My tastes change from day to day. It's all about business in New Cap. And I'm a businesswoman."

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