BREAKING: Holo Cafe Bombed

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BREAKING: Holo Cafe Bombed is a The Caprican News article written by Ann Royall. It was published in Februarius 27, YR42.


Early yesterday morning, a small bomb ripped apart a Holo Cafe in downtown Caprica City. The café was closed at the time the bomb went off. No one was inside at the time and no one on the street outside the cafe was hurt. Residents who live nearby felt the ground shake beneath them when the bomb went off. Many were shaken out of a sound sleep, disoriented. Though the size of the explosion was small in comparison to the MAGLEV Train 23 attack, citizens were frightened to learn that another bombing had hit Caprica City.

Though the incident appears to be an act of vandalism, it's impossible to rule out some connection to the previous terror attack on Caprica City. The Caprica City Police Department is working with the Global Defense Department to determine the cause of the attack. The GDD investigation is ongoing.

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