Doyle Franks

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Doyle Franks
Doyle Franks


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Introduced Crossroads, Part I
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Role Captain of Prometheus, Judge
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Portrayed by Susan Hogan
Doyle Franks is a Cylon
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Doyle Franks, captain of Prometheus[1], is one of the five Fleet captains chosen at random to be a judge for the trial of Gaius Baltar (TRS: "The Son Also Rises").

During Baltar's trial, she is given the status of head judge (TRS: "Crossroads, Part I") and is responsible for delivering the tribunal's non-guilty verdict, which she voted for (TRS: "Sine Qua Non"), much to the outrage of many of the trial's civilian observers (TRS: "Crossroads, Part II").

After the trial Franks was approached to run for a political office, but she declined, saying that she has no ambitions in that area (TRS: "Sine Qua Non"). However, she is later appointed delegate to the Quorum after its restructuring and is involved in the motion to begin stripping Galactica of parts for the benefit of the rest of the fleet (Islanded in a Stream of Stars).


  • It is ironic that the captain of the most lawless ship in the Fleet should wind up head judge in the most important legal case in the Fleet's history.
  • Franks's first name, Doyle, is not mentioned in dialogue, but seen in the credits.


  1. The patch on her uniform shows the ship's name.