Cylon War-era Uniforms

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This article covers the First Cylon War-era uniforms of the Colonial Fleet. For the uniforms in use forty-years hence (henceforth referred to as "the Fall"), refer to Uniforms (RDM).

Regular uniforms[edit]

A beige officer's uniform.

There are two types of regular uniforms, beige and blue colored. Blue uniforms are for enlisted personnel while beige uniforms are for warrant officers.[1] The uniforms do not make use of any device to denote the person's rank.

The tunics of these uniforms are segmented vertically and are not tucked in. Instead a black belt with silver buckle hangs around the waist to give the uniform a professional appearance.

Cinematically speaking, the blue duty uniforms differ slightly from the beige counterparts in that the blue uniform is basically a sleeveless shirt that goes over the blue uniform jackets used in the "current" events of the Re-imagined Series. The only difference with the blue uniform jackets seen in "Razor" is with the cuff design.[2]

Utility jumpsuits[edit]

Orange jump suit.

The yellow and orange utility jumpsuits seen in the post-Fall events are in use here, but without the black chest pouches for tools such as razor blades and other commonly used equipment.

Additionally, a black fire-fighting suit with reflector stripes is briefly seen in the "Razor Flashbacks".


Medics carry away Jaycie McGavin from her damaged Raptor.

The medics (possibly Colonial Marine medics) wear woodland MARPAT digital camouflage with a black arm band consisting of a white medic cross.

Flight suits[edit]

The full flight-suit.

The overall design of the flight suit remains mostly the same from the Cylon War and onward, with a few noteworthy differences.

The collar is embroidered and an embroidered vest is worn over the chest. The cuffs are also embroidered with the same silver fabric. The helmet is the same design used 40 years later, but has a large bird emblem decal on the top.

Underneath the suit is a black shirt made from a polyester or polyester-like material that is breathable, as evidenced by the holes around the chest area. For undergarments, women wear a black sports bra under the black shirt.

Arm patches and insignia[edit]

The arm patches from the Cylon War are still in use prior to the Fall. Among them is the "Viper" patch and the "Battlestar Galactica" patch, which are located on the right and left shoulders respectively.

However, the uniforms have neither rank pips nor flight wings. Additionally, Viper pilots do not appear to have dog tags (Razor Flashbacks, Episode 1).

Related Imagery[edit]

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  • The uniform designs, notably the gold embroidering around the neck and the segment pattern of the tunic, are inspired by the uniforms from the Original Series. The beige and blue color scheme is also inspired by the Original Series. The bird symbol on the flight suit helmet is virtually identical to the (questionably useful) helmet seen on Colonial Warriors in the Original Series.


  1. In the Original Series, blue uniforms were for command level officers while the beige uniforms were for enlisted crewmen and Warriors.
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