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An issue of the Marvel Comics series.
Issue No. 16
Writer(s) Bob Layton and Roger McKenzie
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Penciller(s) Walter Simonson
Inker(s) Walter Simonson
Colorist(s) Walter Simonson
Letterer(s) Rick Parker
Editor(s) Louise Jones, Allen Milgrom and Jim Shooter
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Cover Artist(s) Walter Simonson
Adaptation of
Published June 1980
Collected in Saga of a Star World
Reprinted as
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Population 0 Survivors
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Derelict! Berzerker Ape and Essence
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The Galactica encounters a Cylon listening post, and discovers it is inhabited by an exile — a 1,000 yahren old Mark III Cylon who has a high performance sub light fighter. After a dogfight, Apollo and the Mark III both crash on the planet's surface, and end up fighting hand to hand. Apollo manages to drop the Cylon in a volcano and the Fleet departs. At the end of the comic, the Mark III emerges from the lava.


One of five issues, along with "Scavenge World," "The Trap!," "Collision Course!" and "The Daring Escape of the Space Cowboy," this issue is singled out as above-average by reviewer John Dorsey in an article on


Apollo vs. the Cylon Mark III.