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Logo circa 2008-2010.

Amok Time is a toy and comic book store located in Hicksville, New York, U.S.A. operated by Paul James Lazo, and in operation since 1992.

In 2008, Amok Time began their first foray into manufacturing collectibles, and attempted to continue building from the mantle established by Majestic Studios years prior with prototyping the Original Series line of 1/6 scale collectible figures for Athena, Lieutenant Boomer, Commander Cain, Colonel Tigh and Lucifer[1], but ultimately failed to deliver full production runs on these pieces. Their license for these offerings was scheduled to end in 2010, and was not renewed.[2]

Reissues of Majestic Studios Product

Toy Fair 2008 display featuring Amok Time's prototypes intermingled with Majestic Studios' former releases.

One of the most comprehensive Original Series-centric releases in the 1/6 scale, Majestic Studios released figures for the following characters in 2005, which Amok Time acquired after Majestic folded in 2007:

Amok Time attempted to re-release these offerings with updates, such as sculpts for Apollo and Starbuck, and the addition of the missing "skirt" for the Cylon Centurions[3]. Outside of updates to the Centurions, no other improvements came to fruition.

Additions to the Line

Toy Fair 2008 display featuring Amok Time's prototypes intermingled with Majestic Studios' former releases.

In 2008, Amok Time began promoting and soliciting pre-orders for:

In addition, a Baltar figure was rumored to be in development with negotiations on likeness rights with John Colicos's estate allegedly underway in 2008.[3]

Outside of the Boomer figure that had been released in very limited quantities, no other final production stage figures reached the public.

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