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Majestic Studios

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Cylon Centurion 1/6th scale figure by Majestic Studios

Majestic Studios was the product release division of Boom Ltd.[1], a licensee that created collectible 1/6th scale collectible figures from both the Original Series and Re-imagined Series during 2005 and 2006. The company no longer exists as of 2007, and its founder Rick Phares went on to create the short-lived Spectre Toys in 2010.[2]

In 2008, Amok Time attempted to continue the mantle established by Majestic Studios with prototyping the Original Series line, featuring Athena, Lieutenant Boomer, Commander Cain, Colonel Tigh and Lucifer[3], but ultimately failed to deliver full production runs on these pieces.

Figures from their collection averaged about 12 inches in height[4], and often contained display stands and related accessories to the character.

Original Series Offerings

One of the most comprehensive Original Series-centric releases in the 1/6 scale, Majestic Studios released figures for the following characters in 2005:

In addition, a special 500-unit two-pack consisting of Apollo and Starbuck from "Experiment in Terra" were produced and released exclusively for Time and Space Toys. As one would expect, the figures' clothing, accessories and even display stand were white.

Amok Time attempted to re-release these offerings with updates, such as sculpts for Apollo and Starbuck, and the addition of the missing "skirt" for the Cylon Centurions[5]. Outside of updates to the Centurions, no other improvements cam to fruition.

Re-imagined Series Offerings

The Cylon Centurion from the new series features interchangeable forearms that can be switched from bladed fingers to turret guns, and a lenticular eyepiece to simulate red eye movement. In a press release, CEO Rick Phares noted, “The Cylon will be the most accurate figure we have released to date because we’re working directly from the original computer CGI files of its design from ZOIC, the special effects company responsible for bringing the Cylon to life on the screen.”

“This figure is technically the most difficult project I’ve had the pleasure to work on,” says Phares. “It is made up of hand poured poly-resin, hard plastic ABS and soft plastic PVC. While we did have the benefit of the exact computer design from special effect company ZOIC, every piece of our figure needed to be engineered from scratch since there are obviously no user’s guide or manual for Cylon movement.”[6]

A prototype of Lee Adama was shown dressed in his flight suit with full flight gear including helmet and weapon, and two interchangeable sets of hands so that you can switch from flight gloves on to gloves off.

The Cylon Centurion was released in both a standard and a "Battle Damaged" exclusive edition in mid-2006. The Lee Adama figure expected in late 2006 was rescheduled for January 2007 and then canceled.[7]

Confirmed models:

Rumored models:

Suggested Prices:

  • 12" figures $44.95
  • 13.5" Cylon $59.95 (SDCC exclusive)

Release dates:

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