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Commander Adama Limited Edition Collectible Figure
"Commander Adama Limited Edition Collectible Figure"
An item of merchandise of the Original Series
Product Info
Manufacturer Majestic Studios
Scale 1/6
Character Adama (TOS)
UPC 791898699994
Majestic Studios
Series 2
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The Commander Adama Limited Edition Collectible Figure is an 1/6-scale mixed-media figure, and is part of the Series Two release from Majestic Studios circa 2005.

As is typical of 1/6-scale mixed-media figurines, this piece features multiple points of articulation (rotating head, arms, legs), is clothed using materials that replicate the look of the costume worn by the character, and includes certain accouterments.

To aid in the display of the figurine, the piece comes with a two-piece display stand consisting of a display base with the show's logo and the support arm that cradles the figure around its torso.


The figure includes one accessory in the form of a hand-held computer, which is also included in the Apollo and Starbuck figures.


The ensemble worn by Adama are his command blue uniform (tunic and pant) including cape, black waist belt with buckle worn at the waist, and black knee-high boots. As to be expected, Adama features his collar pins and medallion.


A prototype for this figure was shown at San Diego Comic Con in 2004, featuring early levels of costume detail. Of note, the prototype figure did not have the proper "checkered" trim on either the cape or tunic.

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