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This article has a separate continuity.
This article is in the 2003 Video Game separate continuity, which is related to the Original Series and the Re-imagined Series. Be sure that your contributions to this article reflect the characters and events specific to this continuity only.
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Shane is a female Colonial Viper pilot in her early thirties.

As sharp as a tack and unrelenting, Shane is always on the lookout for the next fight.

Shane served aboard the battlestar Galactica as a pilot in Red Wing. Shane and her wingmates, pilots Rylo, Lukas and Tybalt, were all lost when a Cylon force ambushed them over the ice planet Nimbus (2003 Video Game).



  1. Added by User:James Swallow, the account of 2003 Video Game scriptwriter James Swallow on 19 March 2006.