George Chu

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George Chu
George Chu


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Birth Name George Chu
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Introduced Sacrifice
Death Shot by Marines (TRS: "Sacrifice")
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Role Colonial citizen, terrorist
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Portrayed by Eric Breker
George Chu is a Cylon
George Chu is a Final Five Cylon
George Chu is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
George Chu is an Original Series Cylon
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George Chu is part of Sesha Abinell's terrorist group that takes hostages aboard Cloud 9, hoping to get the Cylon prisoner Sharon Agathon neé Valerii in exchange.

He is visibly uncomfortable with the whole ordeal, hesitant to search the bathroom for more civilians, yet still goes along with the plan.

Seconds before a second rescue attempt, Chu is suprised by Billy Keikeya, who removes one of the guns Chu had on him and kills Kern Vinson. In the ensuing action, Marines storm the lounge and kill Chu and Abinell (TRS: "Sacrifice").


  • Chu's first name, George, is from the script.
  • Chu could be named for Eric Chu, a concept art designer on the Cylons for the current Battlestar Galactica series.