Kern Vinson

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Kern Vinson
Kern Vinson


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Birth Name Kern Vinson
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Introduced Sacrifice
Death Killed by Billy Keikeya (TRS: "Sacrifice")
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Siblings At least 1; Ray Abinell
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Portrayed by Mark Houghton
Kern Vinson is a Cylon
Kern Vinson is a Final Five Cylon
Kern Vinson is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Kern Vinson is an Original Series Cylon
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Kern Vinson is a civilian member of the Fleet, brother of Ray Abinell and brother-in-law of Sesha Abinell.

Vinson takes part in Sesha Abinell's hostage taking folly in Cloud Nine's lounge, hoping to get the pregnant copy of Sharon Valerii in exchange for hostages. His actions during the situation indicate that he is Sesha's right hand man.

On the onset of a second rescue attempt, Vinson is slain by Billy Keikeya during his attempt to execute Anastasia Dualla on Abinell's order. He manages to mortally wound Keikeya prior to his death (TRS: "Sacrifice").


  • Kern's first name is mentioned by George Chu, and the script confirms that this is Vinson's first name.
  • The fact that he is the brother of Ray Abinell, but with a different last name, indicates that they had separate fathers.