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A Sci Fi Channel promotional site, known as offers new clues at regular intervals regarding the final 10 episodes of Season 4 of the Re-imagined Series.

The site's goal is to drum up speculation as to the identity of the last unrevealed Cylon and, in turn, viewership for the final episodes of the series.

The site offers the following clues:

  1. A quote: "You have heard my voice countless times, yet you do not know my name."
  2. The description of the final Cylon given by the First Hybrid: " ...and the fifth, still in shadow..." (TRS: "Razor")
  3. An audio clip of Kara Thrace breathing heavily while moving through rustling grass, and being asked "Kara what is it, what does it mean?"
  4. A clip of a press conference for Lee Adama where he answers a question about the fifth Cylon. His answer is edited out, and elicits an unamused reaction from Tom Zarek.
  5. An image of a floating fetus with a glowing red spine (The red glow is a visual motif of both humanoid and mechanical Cylons)
  6. A clip from "Escape Velocity" of Virtual Six confronting Baltar about taking on the old gods, and becoming godlike himself.
  7. A version of the Last Supper photograph but with Laura Roslin removed.
  8. A clip from "The Road Less Traveled" in which Baltar speaks to Galen Tyrol about his move from being a scientist to a more religious viewpoint.
  9. Adama walks through a hallway, angrily demanding a sidearm from a marine. He continues to walk, opening a hatch and entering the room, then the clip goes black as Adama says, "Sit down, Cylon."
  10. Gaeta smokes while talking to Baltar about his interest in architecture, and says that he hopes people eventually realize who he is. The video goes black, and Baltar's voice echoes "I know who you are.".
  11. In an audio clip, a male voice says "every revolution begins with one small act of courage, but I hope you know how serious this will have consequences". A number of voices begin asking questions in a largely unintelligible babble. After the babble quiets down, a second voice is heard saying "serving in a corrupt administration" a third voice says "you know exactly what I'm talking about", a fourth voice says "our little secret", a fifth voice is heard saying "or anyone else" and a sixth voice says "so I guess a pity frak is out of the question". A bell deeps gongs twelve times, then the clip falls silent.
  12. A voice on the PA announces a fire, ordering an evacuation. Starbuck greets Narcho, who declares that he is in charge and orders her to handle the evacuation. She grabs and questions him, and he responds by telling her to get her hands off him and says that no one knows what she is anymore.
  13. A clip from the scene in "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?" in which William and Lee Adama, Laura Roslin and Saul Tigh discuss their secret plan to hold onto the final five until they find Earth.
  14. William Adama walks into a washroom and drinks an alcoholic beverage from a bottle. He then washes his face and notices the reflection of a large rip in the wall. He turns around, examining the rip.
  15. In this audio clip, Hoshi announces an incoming signal from Colonial One, William Adama tells him to put the signal through and Gaeta asks Baltar what he wants. The signal is scrambled, Baltar says he "wants this to stop", saying "this is madness", Baltar tells Gaeta that he knows he's a good man mentions "our little secret", and offering to show him the way if he is hungry for redemption, Gaeta says goodbye and Baltar begs him to listen, the clip ends at this point.
  16. In this audio clip, several distorted voices can be heard speaking. The phrases "Do you remember what we said on New Caprica?", "how we talked about trying to live for today", "maybe today is all we have left", "I've earned the right to live a little before I die", "...haven't I?", "We believe the fifth Cylon to be..." and "the fifth" can be made out. When the clip is played in reverse, Tigh can be heard saying "you're the fifth."
  17. A clip from "The Road Less Traveled", just after Mathias is killed by the exploding Heavy Raider, in which the crew on the Demetrius is discussing Starbuck and whether she is a Cylon.
  18. A picture showing Hot Dog and Tyrol in the sickbay standing over an empty bed.
  19. A picture of Saul Tigh amidst some ruins consisting of blocks of reinforced concrete. Tigh is not wearing an eyepatch, but the quality of the picture is insuffient to determine whether there is an eye in his right socket.
  20. Lee, Roslin and Adama enter the hangar, while Starbuck exits her Viper. They approach a Raptor manned by an Eight in a Cylon flight suit, who exits and approach the four, while Tyrol looks on from the background. Cut to black, as Roslin exclaims "Oh my god."
  21. Lee and Bill Adama follow Roslin through a corridor on Galactica. Lee demands, "Madame president, what do we do about the Quorum?" Roslin stares back impassively. Lee continues, "You need to talk to them. We need to tell them something." Roslin turns to leave, without speaking. Lee calls after her, "It should come from their president!" Bill turns to Lee, and tells him "Carry the ball." Tigh tries to get Bill's attention as he walks past, saying "Bill, we need to talk," but the Admiral doesn't respond. Tigh mutters to himself, "A lotta things I gotta explain." This scene appears to directly follow Clue 22 - the characters are dressed identically, minus their overcoats.
  22. A raptor hatch opens onto a large assembly on Galactica hangar deck. Roslin and the Adamas emerge, dressed as they were at the climax of "Revelations". Roslin attempts to address the crowd, but finds herself at a loss for words and can only shake her head ruefully. The three exit, as the crowd erupts in confusion and frustration.
  23. Bill Adama attempts to phone Roslin, who is in a cabin on Galactica, measuring out and then angrily discarding her medication. She refuses to answer his call.
  24. A caption reads "1021 Hrs - Secondary Storage Bay" (on Galactica). Roslin and Baltar are conferring. Roslin muses, "Who would've thought. You probably knew him better than anyone, back on New Caprica." Baltar replies, "Well, obviously his loyalties were divided even back then. It seems we both made rather bad choices when it comes to our presidential aides de camp, wouldn't you say?"
  25. Baltar addresses his cult. "Perhaps it is God who should come down here and beg for our forgiveness! Am I right?" As he continues to rant, Tyrol and Hot Dog spot each other in the crowd, and make their way toward one another.
  26. Baltar is shown talking through a phone on Galactica. He says, "What do I want? I want this to stop. Now. Right now. This is madness." This is the same line of dialogue heard in clues 11 and 15.
  27. A photo of Dualla as a young girl.
  28. A photo from a high angle of Kara Thrace and an unknown man sitting next to one another playing a very old and dirty piano.
  29. Just these numbers: "22:59:44"


  • The name "You will know the truth" is a verse from the Bible (John 8:32[1][2]).