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Williams is a financial aide to Professor Johnson, an archaeologist who believes that artifacts he's uncovered may lead directly to Cleopatra's tomb.

Williams runs into Cleopatra herself in California's Museum of History as she is being pursued by Dillon. He has Dillon taken away under guard, though he later escapes, while conversing with her about Johnson's artifacts, particularly her ability to decode the hieroglyphics.

He invites Cleopatra to a party held to raise funds for another expedition, verifying that the necklace is genuine, but believing Cleopatra to be a loony woman. Williams believes she should be put under lock and key to protect her from the Jaffe expedition, which he believes Dillon to be a member.

He is irritated when Xaviar takes off with Cleopatra, with Troy, Dillon, and Jamie Hamilton at Xaviar's heels, and reiterates his belief that they must be part of the Jaffe expedition (The Day They Kidnapped Cleopatra, unproduced script).