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Professor Johnson is an archaeologist with a desire to discover Cleopatra's tomb, theorizing that the yet-to-be-deciphered artifacts he discovered lead to this tomb.

His financial aide, Williams, advises him to come up with more than a theory, and to "put on one hell of a show" at a fund raising function in order to raise funds from investors for future digs. In addition to his troubles, the loathed Jaffe expedition is getting close to finding this tomb.

After Williams discovers a woman (Cleopatra herself) who can read the artifacts, coupled with a genuine gold necklace, he presents her to Johnson. Johnson is enthralled, however Troy, Dillon and Jamie Hamilton (and, later, Xaviar) intervene and leave Johnson back at square one: that is, until Dillon takes a picture of a map of Cleopatra's tomb back in 48 BC after thwarting Xaviar, and send it to his offices after the Galacticans return to their time period (The Day They Kidnapped Cleopatra, unproduced script).