Viper 2200

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Viper 2200 moments before being crushed beneath an unusual Raider (TRS: "Razor").

Viper 2200NC is a Viper Mk VII flown by Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace during a mission to investigate an overdue science team that was studying a supernova remnant.

While on patrol with Captain Marcia Case in Viper 24, they are attacked by a group of First Cylon War-era Raiders. Though they are successful in making it back to the Pegasus (TRS), 2200 is forced to make a belly landing and its nose is crushed under Raider debris (TRS: "Razor").


"Viper 7463" nose. Screencap mirrored to display the correct orientation of the text (TRS: "Razor").
  • 2200 is one of the new style of Viper Mk VIIs first seen in Maelstrom. Here it appears flying alongside the original style as well.
  • There are several visual disparities of this Viper during the battle. In a cutaway stock shot of it firing, a closeup of the cannon from a Viper Mark II is used. Additionally, in closeup shots of Thrace in the cockpit, the original full-size prop is seen, with the original lines and much darker paint scheme. The prop has a nameplate under the cockpit, which the CGI 2200 lacks entirely. Additionally, in the shot of 2200's nose crushed, it displays the number 7463NC and is mirrored.
  • 2200 is shown on DRADIS during the battle as "Viper 1x" with the second number either a 3, 6, or 8.