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Greetings! I Am Captain LEONIDAS,CAG Of The Battlestar Raven(BFC-002). My Mission Is To Build the Finest Air Wing In The Fleet. The Raven Currently Has Three Squadrons With It's Colors; Many More Are being Formed; And We Need PILOTS Who are ready to Fly,Fight, And Have Fun Doing It! If You Want To Fly For The Elite SPARTAN SQUADRON, The HAMMER SQUADRON, Or The New PERSEUS Squadron, Of If You Happen To be A Raptor Jock, This Is Where You want To Be! If You Want To Join The Raven Marine Detatchment, We're Good With that! Or If you Are A Skilled Engineer, We Have a Job For you! Whatever Skill you Posess, If You Want to do your Part To Defeat the Cylons,DON'T DELAY SIGN TODAY! What Is Your Profession?


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  For The Benefit Of Those Who Don't Know Me, My Name is Keith Ranson; I Have been a BSG Fan Since the original Was On Primetime Back In the Late '70s. My ultimate Aim Is to See a Galactica/Star Trek Crossover Graphic Novel Sometime In my life Time. I am Also a Prolific Model Builder.
             This Past Spring, I Was Made The CAG Of The Battlestar Raven,The Flagship Chapter Of the Battletsar Fanclub. I, Along With the Ship's CO,Dragonlady,Are Aiming To Put Together The Finest Air wing In the Fleet. As of this Writing, We Have Three Squadrons 'Patched' With More In The Works.


BATTLESTAR RAVEN (BFC-002) Has Activated It's newest Squadron, The FLYING TIGERS. So far the raven Has FIVE Active Squadrons, With Five more On The Way; We Also Have A Full Squadron Of Multi-Mission Raptors,The SEEKERS. We Are Bringing In New Pilots Every Week. And, Coming Soon; Our Own TOP GUN COMPETITION; To Crown The Best Of The Best. So, WHAT IS YOUR PROFFESSION?


   The BATTLESTAR RAVEN,The Flagship Of the Battlestar Fan Club, Has recently Activated Two more Squadrons; The Raptor Squadron "SEEKERS", Is Now Accepting Recruits For Pilot And ECO Candidates:
  Also, The Newest Viper Squadron-MINOTAUR- Is Now Active:
   We Have Acheived OVER 3000 LIKES On Our Facebook Page, And are Getting Requests For NEW Members Every week, From as Far Away As TURKEY! 
We Are Truly Acheiving a Global Reach, Which Means we Are Indeed Connecting With BSG Fans Everywhere, So, if you want To Be Apart of THIS Action, What Are you waiting For? Join the BATTLESTAR RAVEN Today!

 And ,With the Premiere of BLOOD AND CHROME On SyFy,And the Subsequent Upcoming DVD release, BSG Is Still Pretty Much alive! But we need To Continue The Fight To Get the powers That Be At SyFy/NBC/Universal To Make BLOOD AND CHROME Into a Full Series! This Story Must Continue! 
      And How do we do this? Simple: E-Mail The Execs At, and Let Them Know that BSG Fans want More! And,While you're At It Use Facebook and twitter To do The same. And,If you Want To Use Old-School SnailMail, Here Are the Adresses Where To Send your letters:

                                        David Howe,President                                    Mark Stern,President
                                        NBC Universal-SyFy                                       Original Programming
                                        30 Rockefeller Plaza, 21st floor                      100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg.1400,14th floor
                                        New York,New York 10112                              Universal City,California 91608
    So, If You want to see more BSG On TV, Climb Into the Cockpit And Prepare For Launch!