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Sasoriza supported the 2007 WGA strike.
Battlestar Galactica
Favorite Episode(s) Pegasus, et. al.
Exodus, Part II


To Joe and the rest: Thanks for this wiki; it's an invaluable resource! Keep up the great work! I ran a BSG-based RPG, "Battlestar Colonia", where I've linked to this wiki often – even started its own wiki encyclopedia. (Can't think of a good name for it, though. Suggestions?)

About me

Bureaucrat on Star Trek Expanded Universe. Created Arcapedia, where I do a lot of work, and the Colonia wiki; also contributed to Memory Alpha and numerous others (Wikipedia, etc.). You can find me on Facebook here (if you play Mafia Wars) or here.


Trek's been my life, but I love the modern BSG.

  • "Exodus": Best episode ever... that one had it all. Ellen's death-scene had me in tears (never expected that to happen! – never cared for the character).
  • Favorite characters: Tigh and Tyrol. Damn them for making them Cylons: Stupidest plot device ever. I loved what they did with Tigh in the Season 3 opening arc ("Occupation" through "Torn"). Tigh used to be my least favorite character. That made him my favorite, hands-down. (Except, again, I don't like them "turning out" to be Cylons.)

Caprica has grown; I'm just about hooked. The Graystones (Daniel and Amanda) strike me as the most interesting characters (my favorites). Lacy has potential. Still not BSG – lacks much of the latter's grittiness and dark, mystical impact – though that may change in the next season.

Who are you?

Took's "Who Are You?" quiz. My first set of results: Cally Tyrol. Wasn't happy with that, so took it again and got... Lee Adama.*

Who the frak are you? For every rule that you follow out of a sense of duty, there's another you'll break for the sake of principle. You always stick to the plan — until it goes wrong; then you improvise with the best of the hotshots.
When it's time to work, you work. When it's time to party, you kick back, light up, or throw down. You try to please people one minute, and the next you don't give a frak what they think.
At times you seem noble, idealistic and heroic. Then you turn around and do something selfish, expedient or cowardly. Whatever direction the wind blows, you find a way to go with it.
The one constant in your life is your ability to agonize over your decisions, past and present. You worry about honor, hold grudges, brood over disappointments, cling to unrequited loves, and seem to be the one person everyone else takes for granted.
They say you're a pain, but they'll miss you when you're gone.

(*Damn it; wanted to be Galen Tyrol. Or Baltar; he always gets laid.)


If you want to say hi, chat or express interest in "Battlestar Colonia", drop a line on my talk page or email me. —Sas