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Curst Saden
Curst Saden
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Name Curst Saden
Gender Male
Date of birth (Undisclosed)
Age (Undisclosed)
Location Rumored to be Waterfall City, Dinotopia
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Marital Status
Occupation Student
Rank Commander
SOK-Pip.png Star of Kobol
Curst Saden is a Chief
Curst Saden is a Senior Chief
Curst Saden supported the 2007 WGA strike.
Battlestar Galactica
Favorite Episode(s) Saga of a Star World

The Living Legend Fire in Space Exodus, Part II

Curst Saden is known by many as a fan of any TV show that has the word "Star" in it, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate (the movie and Tv shows), and of course Battlestar Galactica (both old and new series.) Considered a nerd in his world, he was forced to recently join Memory Alpha, a Star-Trek Wiki. This also drove him to eventually join Battlestar Wiki.

Though he loves both the Galactica series as well as the short-lived Galactica 1980, Curst prefers the old series over the new, considering the new series to be little more than a soap opera in space with limited imagination reguarding the theme of space travel. His favorie episodes of the new series are of those that contain lots of action and dogfights.


Curst Saden is also an advid Dinosaur fanatic and collects fossils. He has a love for nature and the enviroment, and tries to find ways to help and preserve it. He loves to visit National Parks and enjoys to read and write. He takes his work very seriously.


His location and age are secret, but it is rumored that he lives in Waterfall City, Dinotopia.