Top 5 Best V-Match Dates!

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Top 5 Best V-Match Dates! is a The Caprican Lifestyle article written by Sharon Edmonson. It was printed in Martius 15, YR42.


So you're new to v-dating (or so you say) and you want to make an impression. Or maybe you're fresh out of ideas for v-dates for this Saturday night? Well, as usual, we're here to help. We've scoured the city (OK, the staff) and come up with five of the best V-Match dates we've ever heard of...ever. Now, take some notes and you, too, can wow the one you're trying to woo!

1) James and Juliet are not Caprica City royalty - but they sure got close on their latest v-date! Between the thrones, the crowns, and scepters they were king and queen for a day...or for a few hours, at least. And the v-date was capped of with a meal fit for a...well, you know.

2) Tennis, anyone? Venus and Ella were such fans of tennis and tennis paraphernalia that they went to work at a tennis ball factory on their V-Match date! "It was really romantic," swooned Venus. "It's the smell," said Ella, "It really puts me in the mood."

3) Yes there is speed dating in the v-world, and that's exactly how Beth and Pete met. They both showed up at the V-Match speed dating event and, at first glance, realized they'd rather be anywhere but - they'd rather be there together! They dashed to the adjacent bar and spent the rest of the date inventing names and personalities for the other speed v-daters. Needless to say, that was first and last time they attended a V-Match speed dating event.

4) When the Barton family was attempting to bring a new member into their all-male group marriage, they knew they wanted to do something extra special on their v-date. So they strapped on their holobands AND their pyramid jerseys. Yes, to prove how much fun a marriage with them could be, they arranged for an Alpha Division-style pyramid game - with their potential betrothed as the starting serger!

5) Computer geeks Philomon and Rachel first agreed to meet up at a v-club for a drink, but soon realized they were bored of the same old thing. Next thing you know, they're flying Vipers up and down a beautiful (if, repetitive) coastline. Though Rachel's Viper ended up going down in flames, all was not lost. The two budding lovebirds spent the remainder of their v-date on a rock ledge overlooking the water (and Rachel's downed Viper) while they whispered sweet nothings about the potential of generative algorithms in the virtual world.

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