The Military Machine: The Other Side of Graystone Industries

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The Military Machine: The Other Side of Graystone Industries is a The Caprican Politics article written by Matthew Riley. It was printed in Martius 29, YR42.


It seems like we know almost everything there is to know about Daniel Graystone lately. We know that his late daughter Zoe was involved in a monotheistic cult called the STO and was supposedly a major player in the MAGLEV bombing. We know that his company's stock has been plummeting since he announced that Graystone Industries would no longer be taking a profit from Holoband licensing. We know that this financial trouble has inspired speculation that Graystone might have to sell his beloved C-Bucs, and the top contender to make that purchase is Graystone's number-one rival, Tomas Vergis of Vergis Industries, who's been seen lurking around lately.

But all this has been distracting us from what else is going on with Graystone Industries - the kind of stuff that's been going on behind closed doors and into the wee hours. Something that's kind of been swept under the rug in the light of terrorist bombings, Backtalk guest spots and public appearances with Tomas Vergis. I speak of the fact that Graystone Industries has a large-scale military contract, of which we have only the vaguest of details.

Yes, Daniel Graystone is the man behind fun gadgets like the Holoband - he's a "toymaker," as Vergis semi-affectionately referred to him. But he's more than that. He's developing something for the military: A robot army with which our wars may be fought. Come on - whether that's "official" or not, we all know it's true.

So why haven't we heard anything more about it? Has Graystone ceased development and production as his personal and professional life unravels? Have there been setbacks? Has he lost the contract? Or is work continuing apace and all of this other "news" in the world of Graystone Industries is conveniently keeping us from seeing what's behind the curtain?

What's going on?

Where, indeed, are the robots?

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