Terry Albick

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Terry Albick is a member of the board of directors of Graystone Industries. In 42YR, he votes Daniel Graystone out of the company, appointing Tomas Vergis as its CEO.

Having made a deal with the Ha'la'tha to retake his company, Joseph Adama presents dossiers on all of Graystone's directors for the purposes of blackmail and leverage, including Albick. Adama notes that Albick appears clean as far as their early background check went. Prompted by Sam Adama's reminder that they all sold Graystone out when "Vergis came calling," Graystone reveals that Albick has been sleeping with his sister-in-law since circa 36YR, and shares his suspicion that Albick's nephew, whom Albick has pride for, may actually be his son (CAP: "Retribution").