Template:Ship Data

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This template allows for quick updating of Battlestar Wiki articles that are related to Galactica ships. This template uses lower case parameters only.


{{Ship Data
| image= 
| title=
| race= 
| type= 
| ftl= 
| propol=
| crew= 
| cap=
| co= 
| xo= 
| role=
| weapons=
| aircraft=  
| arm= 
| def= 
| status=
| patch= 
| width=
| height=
| length=
| weight=
| wingspan=
| otherdi=
| img= 

Optional parameters

  • image: The filename of the images.
  • title: What is the ship's name.
  • race: Insert the race of the ship (Cylon or Colonial).
  • type: Civilian or military.
  • ftl: Is the ship FTL-capable.
  • propol: What is its normal propulsion.
  • crew: Estimated crew capacity.
  • cap: Estimated overall capacity.
  • co: Who is the CO of the ship. Please wikify.
  • xo: Who is the XO of the ship. Please wikify.
  • role: Ship function.
  • weapons: Type of armament.
  • arm: Detailed weapons list.
  • def: Detailed defenses list.
  • aircraft: Details aircraft carried aboard ships.
  • fate: The fate of the ship in question (unknown/decommissioned/destroyed/scuttled/etc).
  • patch: Ship's patch/emblem.
  • width: Width, not Including Wings or Pods.
  • height: Height, not including wings or pods.
  • length: Length, not including wings or pods.
  • weight: Displacement of ship.
  • wingspan: Wingspan width; pod width.
  • otherdi: Insert other dimensions in here followed by <br />.
  • img: Set to Y if there are more images below in a gallery format.

Deadlock parameters

Parameters relating to Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.

  • cost: Ship command point costs.
  • construction: Number of turns for construction, if not accelerated.
  • ftl cooldown: Time for FTL to cool down between uses.
  • speed: Numeric value only. Speed per turn in m/s.
  • turn rate: Numeric value only. Rate of turn, automatically formatted to be shown in degrees.
  • hull size: Hull "size"/value.
  • hull: Hull hit point value.
  • armor total: Total armor value.
  • armor left: Armor value for left/port side.
  • armor right: Armor value for right/starboard side.
  • armor front: Armor value for front/stern side.
  • armor rear: Armor value for rear/aft side.
  • armor top: Armor value for top side.
  • armor bottom: Armor value for bottom side.
  • munitions: Munition type, can be separated by commas.
  • munition cooldown: Numeric value only. Cooldown period for munitions between uses.
  • squadrons: Number of squadrons that the ship can hold.
  • processing power: Processing power for computer use.
  • dradis range: Numeric value only. Numeric range of the ship's DRADIS sensor range, which is always measured in meters.
  • special abilities: Special abilities as a terse sentence/term.