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This template is used to give you more info on a Battlestar Wiki podcast transcription page. It provides lower case parameters only.


{{Podcast Data
|download link=
|posted date=
|transcribed by=
|verified by=

Optional parameters

  • special: Set to Y if this is a special podcast (i.e. not a regular episode podcast)
  • title: The title of the podcast. If omitted, the name of the page will be used instead.
  • disamb: The name of the article about the episode, if different from title. Ignored for special podcasts.
  • season: The number of the season (1, 2, 3 or 4) this podcast is in. Ignored for special podcasts.
  • episode: The number of the episode within the season (1 through 20) this podcast is about. Ignored for special podcasts.
  • download link: The URL of the podcast file. Do not add any wiki markup.
    • OR local: Set this to Y if it's located on the Battlestar Wiki Media Repository. Set the download link to the file name.
  • posted date: The date the podcast was posted. Please format as 2007-10-25.
  • transcribed by: The user(s) who transcribed the podcast. Please link to their user page(s), e.g. [[User:Alice|Alice]]<br/> [[User:Bob|Bob]].
  • verified by: The user(s) who verified the podcast. Again, please link to their user page(s).
  • length: The running time of the podcast. Please format as 47:53.
  • finished: Set to Y if this podcast has been transcribed completely.
  • verified: Set to Y if this podcast has been verified completely.
  • scotch: The brand of Scotch Moore drinks in the podcast. Please provide a link to Wikipedia if possible. Information can also be found at Podcast smokes and drinks
  • smokes: The brand of smokes Moore smokes in the podcast. Please provide a link to Wikipedia if possible.
  • wordoftheweek: Ronald D. Moore's "Word of the Week": the weirdest or most obscure word the transcribed encountered in the podcast. Please provide a link to the definition at Merriam Webster or a similar reference.
  • rdm: Set to Y if Ronald D. Moore speaks in the podcast.
  • mrsron: Set to Y if Terry Dresbach speaks in the podcast.
  • speaker1, speaker2, etc.: Names of additional speakers. Please wikify.
  • speakerimage1, speakerimage2, etc.: Pictures of additional speakers, without the Image: prefix.

Example Code and Output

{{Podcast Data
|title= Resistance
|disamb= Resistance (episode)
|season= 2
|episode= 4
|download link= http://media.scifi.com/battlestar/downloads/podcast/mp3/204/bsg_ep204_FULL.mp3
|posted date=
|transcribed by= [[User:The Merovingian|The Merovingian]]<br/>[[User:Steelviper|Steelviper]]
|verified by= [[User:April Arcus|April Arcus]]
|length= 47:53
|finished= Y
|verified= Y
|scotch= [http://www.whisky.com/brands/glenrothes_brand.html Glenrothes]
|smokes= [[w:Natural American Spirit|Natural American Spirit]]
|wordoftheweek= [[m-w:stalwart|stalwart]]
|rdm= Y
|mrsron= Y
|speaker1= [[Grace Park]]
|speakerimage1= Grace Park.jpg
|speaker2= [[Tahmoh Penikett]]
|speakerimage2= Tahmoh Penikett.jpg
|speaker3= Mark Sheppard

"Resistance" Podcast
[[Image:{{{image}}}|200px|Podcast Data]]
This podcast hasn't been fully transcribed yet
This podcast hasn't been verified yet
Posted on:
Transcribed by: The Merovingian
Verified by: April Arcus
Length of Podcast: 47:53
Ronald D. Moore
Ronald D. Moore
Ronald D. Moore
Terry Dresbach
Grace Park
Grace Park
Grace Park
Tahmoh Penikett
Tahmoh Penikett
Tahmoh Penikett
Mark Sheppard
Comedy Elements
Scotch: Glenrothes
Smokes: Natural American Spirit
Word of the Week: stalwart
Legal Notice
All contents are believed to be copyright by the speakers. Contents of this article may not be used under the Creative Commons license. This transcript is intended for nonprofit educational purposes. We believe that this falls under the scope of fair use. If the copyright holder objects to this use, please contact the transcriber(s) or site administrator Joe Beaudoin Jr. To view all the podcasts that have been transcribed, see the podcast project page.