Tanner Willow

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Tanner Willow
Tanner Willow


Colony Caprica
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Introduced Rebirth
Children Several in group marriage[1]
Marital Status Married to Clarice, Mar-Beth, Helena, Nestor, Olaf, Rashawn, and Desiree Willow plus at least a couple of other men
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Portrayed by Philip Granger
Tanner Willow is a Cylon
Tanner Willow is a Final Five Cylon
Tanner Willow is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Tanner Willow is an Original Series Cylon
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Tanner Willow is one of Clarice Willow's husbands.

His specialty is cooking for the large household of multiple husbands, wives, and children, all of whom are introduced to Lacy Rand by Clarice in 42YR (58 BCH).

During Rand's attendance of the Saturday lunch following the Maglev 23 bombing, Tanner introduces the stew options, the last one being introduced to her as made with squirrel meat. Desiree Willow spoils Tanner's joke, noting it's just regular meat stew.

After Rand leaves with leftovers, Mar-Beth Willow and Tanner voice their concerns that Rand was being made into a pawn for Clarice's plans. She rebukes this, scathingly noting Tanner's apparent inability to wipe the slate clean regarding her previous transgressions (CAP: "Rebirth").


  1. It is unknown which are biologically his, if any.