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Why I'm Leaning Towards Deletion

All right, you are all probably wondering why I want my own article deleted. I'll tell you.

Yeasterday I watched the Miniseries and I got to the scene of Baltar's live TV interview. Kellan Brody's home network is actually Caprica 5. The "7" was from the other TV network that Baltar was watching during the Cylon attack. (Remember that scene where he is watching two networks on the dual-screen TV?)

I corrected this error and made two new articles, Caprica 5 and Channel 7 News, which I just linked to the Caprica section of The Twelve Colonies (RDM). Because this Caprica 7 article is full of false information combined from two separate details in the Miniseries, it should be smoked.

If you need confirmation, go to the chapter on your Miniseries DVDs labeled "Dr. Gaius Baltar" and pause the image. If you look at the bottom of his TV screens, you should see the station logo as described in the Caprica 5 article. For the other network, go to the chapter "Caprica Under Attack" and look at the righthand screen and look at the top right-hand corner. Pause it if you need to. You should see the logo as described in the Channel 7 News article.

Thanks guys. --Homeworld616 09:34, 6 July 2006 (CDT)