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Royan Jahee

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Royan Jahee
Royan Jahee


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Birth Name Royan Jahee
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Introduced Epiphanies
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Role Demand Peace leader
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Portrayed by Paul Perri
Royan Jahee is a Cylon
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Royan Jahee appears to be the leader of the "Demand Peace" movement.

After Galactica arrests and interrogates Asha Janik for sabotage, Royan Jahee comes forward as a representative/leader of the Demand Peace movement, demanding peace talks with the Cylons.

Although Jahee claims a leadership role in the Demand Peace movement, it may be that the power base of the movement is shifting to the disaffected fugitive Cylon Gina Inviere.

Jahee had a suite aboard Cloud 9 where he and the rest of Demand Peace's leadership operates (Epiphanies). His status, and the status of the rest of Demand Peace, is presently in question after Cloud 9's destruction (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II).