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In the continuation series project concept, produced by Tom DeSanto and Bryan Singer, the Fleet, tired of their space exodus, settle in an asteroid field. Commander Adama has passed on. Eventually succeeding Adama as the commander of the battlestar is the man once known as Boxey in childhood. As commander of Galactica, he is known as Commander Orin.

The Council directs the outmoded battlestar Galactica to be decommissioned. President Mara attends the decommissioning ceremonies aboard the battlestar. Just as Galactica is powered down, a heavily advanced version of the Cylons return to attack the colony.

Galactica is heavily damaged by the Cylon attack, but Orin later introduces a new Viper model to fight off the Cylon horde, and reactivates the battlestar.


In the Original Series, the character of Boxey later appears as a Colonial Warrior with the name of Troy in the spinoff series, Galactica 1980.

In the Re-imagined Series, an orphaned child named Boxey appears, but has very limited screen time.

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