Omar Fischer

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Omar Fischer
Omar Fischer


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Introduced Scattered
Death Rapture
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Role Sergeant of the Guard battlestar Galactica
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Portrayed by Aleks Paunovic
Omar Fischer is a Cylon
Omar Fischer is a Final Five Cylon
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Sergeant Omar Fischer is the Sergeant of the Guard aboard Galactica.

After Sharon "Boomer" Valerii shoots Commander Adama, Sgt. Fischer orders Hollis and Wenzler to remove her from CIC (TRS: "Scattered").

Fischer is also present when reporter D'Anna Biers films a documentary on life aboard Galactica (TRS: "Final Cut"), and later participates in "the dance," boxing an unidentified crew member and winning his bout (TRS: "Unfinished Business").

He is part of the of the Marine ground team to guard operations on the algae planet and defends the human position there against a Cylon attack (TRS: "The Eye of Jupiter"). Major Lee Adama sends him and Anastasia Dualla to locate Kara Thrace's crashed Raptor. Fischer is shot and killed when they are ambushed by Cylon Centurions (TRS: "Rapture").