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Introduced Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I
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Portrayed by Eddie Firestone
Moran is a Cylon
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Moran is a man who Dillon and Troy are placed in a cell with after their arrest for "breaking" into Dr. Donald Mortinson's office.

Moran asks the two Warriors for a light, but instead of obliging they activate their invisibility screens, which leads Moran to scream his pleas for being let out, for he believes they were going to make him disappear as well. His screams attract the attention of a police officer, who unwittingly permits the invisible Warriors to escape (1980: "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I").

Novelization depiction

In the novelization by Michael Resnick, this character is named James William Cavin, a.k.a. "Jimmy the Lush". He shares various tall tales with the two incarcerated Warriors, all of which are rebuked by Sergeant Michael Lalor. When Lalor leaves, and as the clearly delusional Cavin asks the Warriors for vino, the Warriors turn on their invisibility fields and escape once Lalor opens the cell door to investigate.[1]


  • While credited as "Derelict," his name is given in dialogue from the police officer who unlocks the cell.