Mei Firelli

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Mei Firelli
Mei Firelli


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Introduced Pegasus
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Portrayed by P.J. Prinsloo
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Lieutenant Mei "Freaker" Firelli is an officer on Pegasus. Firelli delivers the complete Pegasus digital library to Lieutenant Gaeta to replace the data lost during the computer wipe in "Flight of the Phoenix" (Extended Version). He would call action stations upon orders from Admiral Helena Cain from a tactical console (Pegasus).

When Lieutenant Thrace returns with the Blackbird from her reconnaissance mission to the Resurrection Ship, Admiral Cain demanded to know how she managed to get close enough to the skirmish between Pegasus and Galactica without being seen, to which he answered with his own surprise (TRS: "Resurrection Ship, Part I").

During the Battle of the Resurrection Ship he announces the Resurrection Ship's destruction in Pegasus's CIC (TRS: "Resurrection Ship, Part II").

Later, his callsign, "Freaker," appears on a pilot duty roster on Galactica, possibly indicating that Firelli has switched careers and is serving on Galactica now as a pilot (TRS: "Six of One").


  • In the original version of "Pegasus," he is not identified by either name or rank, but Gaeta addresses him as "Lieutenant Firelli" in the extended version of the episode. This is the only time that he is identified on screen.
  • His callsign is from from the episode credits. While he wears pilot wings, he is not seen in the role of pilot.
  • His role is not stated, but he mans the tactical console and relays tactical data to the senior officers. Additionally, while Firelli does not appear in "Razor," Jack Fisk is seen manning the same station and performing the same functions as Firelli does in "Pegasus". This implies that Firelli was moved to this position after the Battle of the Communications Relay.
  • The actor is also credited for "The Captain's Hand," but it appears that his scenes were cut. Abel Thornton carries out the role of Tactical Officer during this episode.
  • A character named Pirelli also appears in the Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus one shot comic from Dynamite Entertainment, which may be the comic version of this character.