Lillian Teller

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Lillian Teller
Lillian Teller


Colony Caprica
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Introduced Retribution
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Role Director, Graystone Industries
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Lillian Teller
Blackmail evidence acquired by the Ha'la'tha on the behest of Daniel Graystone (CAP: "Retribution").

Lillian Teller is a member of the board of directors of Graystone Industries since 31YR, having previously been Hawryliw Robotics Inc.'s vice president.[1] In 42YR, she votes Daniel Graystone out of the company, appointing Tomas Vergis as its CEO.

Having made a deal with the Ha'la'tha to retake his company, Graystone notes that she came from "old money," and verifies her known predilection for engaging in BDSM with male sex workers, referring to them as "boys." Joseph Adama notes that blackmailing her would be easy, given that the brothel she visited had photographic evidence, itself included in her Ha'la'tha-assembled dossier (CAP: "Retribution").


  • The performers depicted in the dossier photos are uncredited.
  • It is unknown whether Teller engaged in such activities with underage persons.
  • According to her dossier, she resides on 435 E. Elm Street in Caprica City, Caprica.[1]
  • Her previous employer, Hawryliw Robotics Inc., is named for property master Ken Hawryliw.