EXCLUSIVE: Hot New 'New Cap City' Cheats and Clues

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EXCLUSIVE: Hot New 'New Cap City' Cheats and Clues is a The Caprican Entertainment article written by Matthew Riley. It was printed in Martius 5, YR42.


Don't let all that frakkin' crap on Backtalk get you down - New Cap City is still the best thing ever. And here are some new cheats and clues to make your stay in the big bad City a little easier, or at least more interesting.

Get into the Mysteries club without checking your weapons: When you enter the lobby, walk backwards past the concierge at the weapons check. It's a glitch in the programming - he won't notice you. Weird.

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Password to get a voucher at Johnny D's Casino: "Cellar Door." Say it to the guy at the first blackjack table. The voucher's not much, but when was the last time you scored a voucher at all at Johnny D's?

Increase Amp effects: Put the squeeze bottle under a hot light bulb for about two minutes. It's not too much of a boost, but it's probably enough to get you out of a jam in which a regular dose isn't enough.

Get a free room at the New Moon Hotel: I've gotten about a 50% success rate from players with this one, so use at your own risk. Tell the concierge that you're "friends with Mister Dalton." Apparently the owner owes this Dalton guy big time and is scared to death of him. If the concierge challenges you, say, "You're right, how could this be? Mister Dalton has no friends." That's the real kicker and will freak him out like nothing else - don't be surprised if he hands you the keys to the Honeymoon Suite after that. I have no idea what it all means. Again, use at your own risk.

Get an audience with Vesta just by asking to see her: Give one of her goons a chocolate cupcake, and they'll take you to the Queen without question.

I'm kidding. What are you, crazy?

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