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Eve is one of the original members of the Thirteenth Tribe that made its exodus from Kobol, as well as the consort of Adam.

As Adam convinced his father to leave Kobol the other tribes had already left, Eve accompanies Adam on his pyramid ark, otherwise known as "Adam's Ark." Accompanying other arks, they later encountered an entity resembling Anubis who, without provocation, attacked thus resulting in the decision to scatter the remaining members of the Thirteenth Tribe to increase their chances of getting to Earth. In suspended animation for many millennia, Eve and Adam landed successfully on Earth.

In the Colonial yahren 7362, Commander Adama opens the pyramid ark and awakens Adam and Eve. After the Cylons arrive thanks to Iblis's help, Adama stays behind to protect Eve and Adam, dying after taking a laser blast meant for her consort, Adam, much to her horror (TOS: War of Eden 3-4).