Bo Collins

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Bo Collins
Bo Collins


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Colony Earth
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Introduced The Super Scouts, Part I
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Role Paradise Valley deputy
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Portrayed by Michael Swan
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Bo[1] Collins is a deputy at Paradise Valley, California, Earth in 1980.

At the request of Dr. Spencer, he checks into the backgrounds of the sick Super Scouts at Spencer's clinic, only to find that neither they nor their parents apparently exist.

He rushes to Sheriff Ellsworth with this information. It is due to this information, coupled with the sheriff's connections with John Stockton of the Stanford Chemical Plant (recently impugned by Troy and Dillon who have traced the sickness back to his chemical plant), that leads Collins, the deputies, and the sheriff to seek out the Super Scouts for arrest (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part I").

With the deputies and the sheriff, Collins goes out to the meadow, only to find that the Super Scouts have gone and are besieged by apples thrown from a tree that isn't an apple tree (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part II").


  1. The name is confirmed in the script for "The Super Scouts, Part II". In addition, it is mentioned in the dialogue for the episode, albeit only once.