Dorothy Carlyle

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Dorothy Carlyle
Dorothy Carlyle


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Introduced Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I
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Role Dr. Mortinson's assistant
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Portrayed by Pamela Susan Shoop
Dorothy Carlyle is a Cylon
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Dorothy Carlyle is the assistant of Dr. Donald Mortinson at the Pacific Institute of Technology.

She encounters Troy and Dillon, initially confused by their use of the term "transmission band" when referring to Mortinson's paper on PBS. During their visit, she receives a phone call from security and confirms that the two who "broke in" are in Mortinson's office. She attempts to stall them, without great success; she later attempts to stop them from modifying a nuclear dissolving formula on Mortinson's personal computer without success.

When Mortinson is shocked by the formula the two Colonials leave behind, he questions her, and later learns of their connection to Jamie Hamilton through her (1980: "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I").

Novelization depiction

In the novelization by Michael Resnick, this character is named of Carlyle Tabakow[1]. After telling Dr. Alfred Mortinson of the "vandalism" that occurs to Mortinson's equation, she questions both his elated reaction and her future job security in her journal.[2]


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