Depot 576

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Depot 576, the last refuge for Tong and the survivors of Chronos.

Depot 576 is a Colonial fuel depot within a jump of the Armistice Line, itself located near tylium moons mined by the Colonials.

Admiral Tong and survivors from the battlestar Chronos make their way here after the Cylons ambushed her. After discovering the origin of Tong's subsequent distress call, Pegasus sends Raptor 808 to discover any survivors.

808's team, lead by Lieutenant Colonel Jack Fisk, boards 576 and discovers that the Cylons found the survivors before they did and slaughtered 93 of them, save Admiral Tong. During the boarding action from 808's crew, Pegasus crew encountered resistance from Centurions. After losing a few people, Fisk and Robert Taylor find Tong holed up in the Asset Management office (Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus).