Cylon Spacecraft (TOS)

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The Cylons have several support, scout and fighter craft to supplement the destructive power of their capital ship.


Basestars are the capital attack ships of the Cylons. Able to launch Cylon Raiders at alarming numbers, and armed with weapons that could pulverize a planet's surface, the basestar is a Colonial battlestar's worst nightmare.


The Raider is the primary attack craft. Shaped like a convex flying wing, the Raider is crewed by three Centurions. A variant was seen as well that accommodated two Cylon androids (1980: "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I").


The freighter is a multiuse craft that serves as troop transport and tanker. The tanker mode was used to great effect in the Cylon's ruse at the Battle of Cimtar.