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The CSN presents a "traditional Picon engagement necklace" for sale at 99.99 cubits in 42YR (CAP: "Retribution").

CSN is an initialism for a phone and electronic-based shopping network offering goods on the Twelve Colonies of Kobol circa 42YR.

The Caprica branch offered a "traditional Picon engagement necklace" (item # 075-8757) for 99.99 cubits, with 1.95 cubit shipping and handling charge, prior to a CapTV report regarding Cornell Gast's suicide (CAP: "Retribution").

Its electronic address is csn.cap, with a phone number of 808-555-12.


  • Due to the fact that the CSN initialism is unspecified in this brief appearance, this article refrains from speculation regarding the organization's full title.
  • The 075 and 8757 in the item number may be nods to Galactica's Battlestar Group number and Kara Thrace's Viper 8757, respectively.