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I already frequently, and vocally, point people here for answers on the official messageboard. --The Merovingian 13:27, 2 March 2006 (CST)

That you do. When I saw the drinking game thread I assumed you would link here... until I remembered that the wiki was down. Then I was sad... --Steelviper 13:31, 2 March 2006 (CST)


So, I had a shirt idea. It's not spectacular, but I think it's obscure enough to not be sued over. The rank pip is for a captain, though it could be changed. I was also thinking, as mentioned on the Frappr! site, of doing quotes shirts (In fact, I already threw one together). The place I'm using to make these designs, Custom Ink, is really neat and it's what we used to create the Texas Sports Weekly shirts which turned out nicely. We could also do mugs and other things through them, if we wanted. Anyone else with ideas? --Day 14:45, 2 March 2006 (CST)

Day, I love you like a brother...but your t-shirt idea is nothing compared to mine. I am sorry:
  • This shirt was created by Man
  • It rebelled
  • It evolved
  • There are many copies
  • And they have a plan...
--The Merovingian 14:49, 2 March 2006 (CST)
Wow. That IS good...where do I sign up? I want one with a glowing spine on the back. :) Joe McCullough 14:55, 2 March 2006 (CST)
I don't know, I just made it up myself. Seemed logical. --The Merovingian 14:59, 2 March 2006 (CST)
I like it. Mind if I work up a mock-up on CustomInk and then link it? I was thinking black shirt with some white (probably) lettering. And on the spine-glow... We'll have to be subtle about it... Probably possible with photoshop, but to do a true-gradient would cost a lot (you pay per color, see), so stipling would be the most cost-efficient method. Anyway, I await your reply, Merv. --Day 20:38, 2 March 2006 (CST)
No glowing spine. Cylons are only seen with the glowing spine when reaching the heights of orgasm while having sex, and some people might take that the wrong way on a t-shirt you wear around all day.--The Merovingian 23:06, 2 March 2006 (CST)
Hahaha! Point. Hrm... Someone think of a witty way to have a shirt saying, "I am a Cylon Agent" without saying it so, uh... directly. That would make a good one, too. Anyway, Merv, I'm going to take your lack of a request to not mock up your shirt idea as permission. I'll try to get to it soon. Doesn't take much doing, as it's only text. --Day 23:58, 2 March 2006 (CST)
To state it clearly: "My permission is to make a shirt using the above phrase, but NOT the glowing spine". --The Merovingian 01:09, 3 March 2006 (CST)
Curses, foiled again. Meddling kids...:) I'd still buy the T-Shirt though. Joe McCullough 07:59, 7 March 2006 (CST)

Well, it looks like we're going to need a unique logo if we're to make shirts, mugs, mousepads and all that good stuff. Obviously, the quotes idea is pretty cool, but if we are going to promote the website than a totally new logo is going to have to be devised. It needs to be "Galactica"-ized, but not so much where we can get into hot water due to copyright issues. Thoughts? -- Joe Beaudoin 19:58, 2 March 2006 (CST)

Hrm... I went and looked at Wikipedia's logo and other various wikis. I was trying to see if there some some unifying theme we could key in on, but it doesn't appear that there is. So... It's fairly easy to find a Battlestar-type font (I found one for free some time ago), but I don't think it would be best to have an all-text logo. What kind of things should we accompany the words with? What about just the eye part of a RDM Cylon Centurion? --Day 20:52, 2 March 2006 (CST)
Honestly, I don't have any particular idea in mind. Feel free to be creative. :-) -- Joe Beaudoin 22:22, 2 March 2006 (CST)