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Age 33
Colony Aquaria
Birth place {{{birthplace}}}
Birth Name Joe McCullough
Birth Date {{{birthdate}}}
Callsign Venom
Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Introduced [[{{{seen}}}]]
Death Not anytime soon...
Parents 2
Siblings 1
Children 3
Marital Status Married
Family Tree View
Role Grammar Nazi and would-be ruler
Rank Major
Serial Number {{{serial}}}
Portrayed by Vince Vaughn
Joemc72 is a Cylon
Joemc72 is a Final Five Cylon
Joemc72 is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Joemc72 is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information

I'll keep this short for now...:)

My name's Joe McCullough. I live in Panama City Florida in the United States, where I work on a military installation as a professional training product writer. I also have an uncontrollable lust for power...*Grins evilly*


I've been around since the original BSG was on TV, and I have never seen Galactica 1980, which people tell me is a credit to my character.

I love the RDM version of Galactica, to the point of telling my wife that interruptions between 9-10 PM on Fridays are grounds for divorce, if not worse.

DISCLAIMER: Please note the embellishments are in jest. Well, except for the lust for power part...

I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi, so if I see punctuation or spelling errors, I'll usually fix them on the spot.

That's about it for now. I'll make this pretty later...

What am I Gonna Do Next?

  • Not sure. Right now I'm just getting a feel for the place, but I will probably work on fleshing out some of the smaller articles (CAG, XO, etc) to start. I already mentioned the grammar and flow stuff.
  • After that, the sky's the limit. Besides, it'll give me a chance to watch my TOS DVDs again...