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Battlestar Wiki's Standards and Conventions
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Quotes for the Quote of the Day should all conform to the following standard. In all cases, the naming conventions should agree with Character Names. The first occurrences of all character and ship names within quotes should be linked. Pronouns (you, he, it) may be linked to clarify who or what the speaker is referring to. Linking of other words (jargon, etc.) is also left to a matter of discretion. All episode names should, of course, be linked. Be sure to search for the proposed quote before adding it.

For one-line quotes, the quote should appear first, enclosed in double-quotes with normal weighting and no italics (except to show emphasis). It should be followed with a hard line break (<br/>). Battlestar Wiki strives to be valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional, which means all tags, including <br> tags, must be closed. (We don't want to break anything, now do we?)

The following line should begin with a double en-dash (--) followed directly by the rank or position of the character being quoted, then their name. These should be non-italics and normally weighted, as well. Finally, the episode name, in italics, should appear in parenthesis after a space. Do not place any punctuation after the parenthesis.

"The line, in normal-weighted text, enclosed in double quotes."<br/>
--Rank and Name in Normal (Episode Name)

This will end up looking thus:

"Ladies and gentlemen, please. Please. We are in a laboratory. There are hazardous chemical compounds everywhere. That--that's a thermo-nuclear bomb, for frak's sake, so..."
--Dr. Gaius Baltar (Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down)

For quotes longer than one line, each utterance will appear on its own line. The speaker's rank or position and name should appear followed by a colon (:) first. All of this should be bold. The actual line follows, in normal weighted font, followed by a hard line break (<br/>). Subsequent utterances by the same speaker should begin simply with the character's name, as laid out in Character Names, above. After the final utterance of the quote, the episode name should appear in italics, prefaced by a double en-dash (--).

Rank and Name 1: Humorous battle banter aimed at Speaker 2.<br/>
Rank and Name 2: Scathing insult.<br/>
Name 1: Pithy retort.<br/>
--Episode Name

For example:

Captain Lee Adama: Hey, how about you, Boomer? Doc tells me you're holding up better than anybody in the squadron.<br\>
Lieutenant Sharon Valerii: I'm tired, like everybody else.<br\>
Adama: You never seem it.<br\>
Lieutenant Kara Thrace: 'Cause she's a Cylon.<br\>
Valerii: You're just gonna make me come over there and kick your ass, aren't you?<br\>

Quotes namespace

Note: All quotes should go in the Quotes namespace in the format, Quotes:MM DD. See: Battlestar Wiki:Quotes for details.