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Battlestar Wiki:Featured pictures/Archive2006

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May 2006 - Baltarsixvalleydarkness.jpg

This picture is from the episode Valley of Darkness.

Valley of Darkness - When he wakes up, he is in Number Six's arms, surrounded by human skulls and bones. Six tells Baltar that they were victims of human sacrifice, and that the Scriptures were lies, fabricated to cover up how barbaric life on Kobol really was.


June 2006 - Ep212battle.jpg

This picture depicts the Battle of the Resurrection Ship.

Battle of the Resurrection Ship - When the battlestars Galactica and Pegasus attack the Resurrection Ship, they have to take out the basestars protecting them. Without their Raiders to protect them, the battlestars shred the basestar with their gun batteries.


July 2006 - Sharonheloephin.jpg

Sharon and Helo

Epiphanies - Lieutenant Karl Agathon tries to reason with Sharon Valerii in the brig


August 2006 - Roslinadama.jpg

Roslin and Adama kiss

Resurrection Ship, Part II - President Laura Roslin and (newly promoted) Admiral William Adama share a tender moment in Roslins quarters aboard Colonial One hours after Admiral Helena Cain's funeral.

Source (BSG WIKI Staff Posting.png):

September 2006 - Flight of the Phoenix-Laura.jpg


Flight of the Phoenix - The "Phoenix" is dubbed Laura in honor of President Roslin.

October 2006 - Cylon Centurion New 001.jpg

This picture is from the episode Valley of Darkness.

Valley of Darkness - A Cylon Centurion catches blood on its chest plate as it fires its guns aboard Galactica.

November 2006 - Pegaus Ram (3).jpg

This picture is from the episode Exodus, Part II.

Exodus, Part II - Pegasus goes out in a blaze of glory, destroying two Cylon baseships in its final stand.

December 2006 - Image:Season 3 - Promo - Unfinished Business - Roslin and Adama (2).jpg

This picture is from the episode "Unfinished Business".

Unfinished Business - Good friends, good smokes... good times.