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Battlestar Galactica Space Alert is a handheld electronic game released in 1978.[1] It was originally released as "Missile Attack" in 1976, but was later resold as Battlestar Galactica due to difficulties with NBC who refused to air commercials for the Missile Attack game.[2] Their refusal, coupled with the failure to sell the game at a retail level, was attributed to Missile Attack's Cold War connotations.[3]


Computer-controlled Cylon Raiders™ attacking! Save Battlestar™ by intercepting as many of the 20 Cylon Raiders™ as possible. Turn on ARMING SWITCH. Attack starts! Press FIRE BUTTON, launch "laser torpedoes". Move INTERCEPT CONTROL lever to intercept. Intercepts score points. Extra points for intercepts high in the Star System. If Cylon™ scores a direct "hit" on Battlestar™, you lose!


  • The game runs on 9 volt batteries.[3]
  • The game is reputed to have glitches, which are likely caused due to a low battery. A suggested fix for this problem was, logically, to replace the battery with a new one.[3]

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