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Apollo, a foil rare, from the Battlestar Galactica CCG

The Battlestar Galactica Collectible Card Game is a collectible trading card game based on the Re-imagined series of Battlestar Galactica. The game was published by WizKids and was first released in May 2006. It has since been canceled after the release of the Battlestar Galactica: Betrayal expansion.

Game summary

Two or more players vie for influence in an attempt to win control of the Colonial Fleet. A player loses the game when his or her influence is reduced to zero, and wins the game either when he or she achieves 20 influence or all opponents have lost. Because it is possible for these conditions to be achieved simultaneously, ties may occur. There is no limit on the number of players in a game.

Players primarily lose influence by failing to provide a defender when another player initiates a challenge, or by failing to respond to a Cylon threat.

Sequence of play

Each turn consists of three phases, with all players working through each phase before moving onto the next. The phases are defined by the rules as follows:

  1. Ready Phase
    • All players ready face-up units and missions in their reserve areas.
    • All players restore exhausted cards.
    • All players draw two cards.
    • Each player plays an asset, plays a supply card, or passes.
    • Each player reorders any unit stacks he or she controls, or passes.
  2. Execution Phase
    • Each player plays a card, plays an ability, resolves a mission, challenges, or passes.
    • Repeat step 1 until all players consecutively pass.
  3. Cylon Phase
    • Determine the total Cylon threat level of all face-up alert and reserve cards.
    • If the total Cylon threat level is greater than the fleet defense level, each player reveals a Cylon threat.
    • Each player challenges a Cylon threat, or passes and loses 1 influence.
    • Repeat step 3 until no Cylon threats remain, or all players consecutively pass.
The player who goes first in all situations is the player with the lowest current influence at the start of the current phase.

Card types

A "Base" card use in the game
  • Base Cards - These are not part of the main playdeck. Each player is required to play one at the beginning of the game. Players' bases set each's starting hand size and influence level.
An "Event" card use in the game
  • Event - These are events which have an immediate effect on the game.
A "Personnel" card use in the game
  • Personnel - Individuals or characters from the Battlestar Galactica series.
A "Mission" card use in the game
  • Mission - A task or mission which a player's fleet can attempt.
A "Ship" card use in the game
  • Ship - Vessels and ships from Battlestar Galactica.

Deck composition

Like many other CCGs each player's deck must contain a minimum 60 cards, with no more than four of any one type of card. Cards with the same title but different data on them count as different cards. Each player must also have a single "base" card, which does not count towards the 60 card minimum.

Commerical Releases

Sets and Packs

Cards are available both in a two-player starter set and in booster packs. The two-player starter set can be split to form two 31-card decks for two players, or can be used to make a single 61-card deck (removing the spare base card). It includes a quick-start ruleset, a complete rulebook, and 62 fixed cards: 10 cards exclusive to the starter deck (5 are foil cards), and 52 others.

Booster packs contain 15 randomly selected cards: 11 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare, and one-in-four packs has a foil rare card taking the place of one of the commons.

Booster boxes include 1 foil rare card meant for stores to give out as a promo or prize support for events.


The premiere set of Battlestar Galactica: CCG was released on May 31, 2006 and contains 175 cards from the miniseries, season 1, and season 2:

  • 55 Rares
  • 55 uncommons
  • 55 commons
  • 10 fixed cards found in starter decks.


Battlestar Galactica: Betrayal is the first expansion set and was released on November 8, 2006. It contains 165 cards with an unknown rarity split. Betrayal is available in 15-card booster packs with an MSRP of $3.49. Throughout the distribution, there are 500 hand-autographed rare "Crewman Cally" cards signed by actress Nicki Clyne.

  • Betrayal covers the action on Caprica, including the initial Cylon attack, Karl "Helo" Agathon’s trials thereafter, Starbuck’s quest for the Arrow of Apollo, and their initial meeting with the Resistance, leading up to Starbuck’s and Helo’s return to the fleet with the Arrow and Sharon.
  • Betrayal will introduce a new mission mechanic called Link.
  • While the only human-Cylon models included in the premiere set were Number 6 and D'Anna Biers, Betrayal will include others including Aaron Doral and Simon.

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